Goodwood Atoms | Canada


In Goodwood Atoms’ hometown of Vancouver, Canada, the winters are long and grey and the summers are short and beautiful. For a band that’s so connected to their city, it’s fitting that their music seems to reflect this environment, being sometimes dark and atmospheric and other times bright and upbeat. Their eclectic sound—which ranges from intimate, ethereal ballads to searing post-rock soundscapes—draws inspiration from life in a hyper-connected world, asking what it means to be human in all-too-often dehumanizing times. Since forming in 2014, they have earned accolades from the likes of Noisey, Indie Shuffle, Baeble Music, PopMatters and All Things Go. The band had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of Vancouver music luminaries including Nygel Asselin (Half Moon Run), Shawn Cole (You Say Party!), Jon Anderson (Said the Whale), Dave Vertesi (Hey Ocean!) and Cayne McKenzie (We Are the City).

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