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Winter 2014. A few hours after meeting each other via mutual friends, Claire and Lucas are in the only bar in a mountainous region. The effects of the local alcohol starting to work, Claire added her voice over the sizzling sound of the radio and the clinking sound of the glasses. Lucas then imagines this voice supported by his own one on the songs he has been trying to compose for a few years. Back in Paris, he invites her to join him on a song. The magic happens and the duo of adventurers SAAVAN is formed. Time flies, with the travels and the common adventures. Music, sleepless nights, kilometers, a group of pals, and nocturnal trips are distilled in their songs as their tracks become more mature. Between photos from road trips and futuristic graphic creations, Saavan’s live is a unique and immersive audiovisual experience. Electronic machines, voices and percussions are all communicating together, and the duo unfolds their universe with complicity and energy. The goal is to offer a 360° live format in 2018. It is also and above all the result of a life – from childhood to adulthood – spent in community, surrounded by friends all different. But also, the result of melancholy. The result of blackness, too, and a certain rejection of the world around them, especially of the direction that the world takes. A hatred for the superficial. A fire that burns inside and that calms down sometimes, when the image is beautiful. The meeting of SAAVAN with the Parisian label YUNIZON marks the beginning of a fusional relationship, linking millions of streams and collaborations with brands such as Elie Saab, France Football Team, Tribord, or Whyd. The story is sublimated by the mesmerizing photos of Valentin Meaux.

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