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THANKS is a producer duo consisting of Anders and Anders. They make energetic and bouncy electronic music that draws inspiration from house, funk, soul and rock. An extensive list of influences includes Mark Ronson, Basement Jaxx, Les Rythmes Digitales, Girl Talk and Fatboy Slim. Musical chameleons who use the past to create something for the present. With the name THANKS, Anders & Anders say thanks for the music they’re influenced by, thanks to the people they collaborate with and thanks the people who listen to their music. Anders and Anders were members of a group that did quite well some years ago.Anders Bønløkke and Anders SG Nielsen are former members, songwriters and producers in Alphabeat. They had a Top 6 hit in UK with Fascination and a Gold Album in UK, where hits such as ‘10.000 Nights’, ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘The Spell’ also charted. The album reached top 10 in the UK. In all, Anders & Anders had 5 top 30 singles in the UK with Alphabeat. Now Anders & Anders are working their way into the club scene with both songwriting and production. The flagship in this is their own new club outfit THANKS. Besides that they are also writing and producing for other artists.

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'Livin' My Life'

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