Yunizon interviews artist to find out the moments that move them and make their project what it is.


You released ‘Like Fire’ at the start of the year, is this the first track from a bigger release?

Well we’ve put it out as a single. We played it live at the beginning of the year and the response was pretty moving so we thought it would be a good « transition » track to give us time to finish the next « Big thing »…

You’ve always used photography as single artwork is this something you’re looking to expand on with the next release?

Valentin Meaux, the photographer behind these covers, happens to be my roommate and best friend, so it felt obvious to use his work for it when we started. And since the « SAAVAN » project is closely tied up with visual art, I think we’ll keep on going that way. I like this process of watching his newest work and at some point think « this is the one ».

The Saavan releases feel like they’re carrying a really strong message, do you have something in mind when you’re working on new music?

When we start writing down words to put in music, we’ve always had this image in mind of the world and life seen from far away, and the more we observe this world, as time passes, the more we feel apart. But being humans, we value life for the glimpse of pure happiness it can bring you. For love, for contemplation, for the window of time we’re given to understand the tiniest part of existence, for we are meant to connect through whatever we can, through music, we produced this and will continue to try and create pieces of art that are as close as possible to these moments when life means something.


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